Why Choose Us

Your brand can benefit from the 3 main building blocks to successful market sales

  • New Sales: Increase your sales through new channels to market

Parmees sells into a distinct and separate channel away from your normal sales activity, ensuring that these sales are incremental to your business.

  • Expertise: Achieve the best price without affecting our channel

We are experts at handling brands into this channel. We ensure that your brands managed effectively and expertly by our teams of sales and buying professionals.

  • Trust: Benefit from our track records, experience and robust financial performance

We are one of the bests in the country; we deliver on our promises. No other company has the pedigree, financial strength, brand portfolio and track records of Parmees Arina. Brand owners across the world trust Parmees Arina.


New Sales


New Customers

Parmees’s customer base is completely distinct and separate from the existing channels. All new customers are vetted by our business development team to ensure that there is no potential conflict with your sales activity.

Our sales team is your sales team

Parmees has a team who sells your products as part of their portfolio and covers the entire grocery spectrum – food, health and beauty and household.

Widen your customer base

Our customers want to sell your brands. They are highly brand aware and rely on Parmees to provide a link between brand owners and retailers.

Benefit from product trial

By placing your products into new sales outlets, new customers will try your products, which ultimately will generate ongoing incremental sales.



Expertise – Unlike brokers and traders, we have professionalism to manage all of your stock right through to the final store positioning


One of the strongest teams in the industry

Our people are chosen for their ability. They come from your industry so that they can understand your issues. The owner and the management team take an active role in the business and ensure that service level is kept extremely high.

Experienced market professionals

Our teams are experts – working alongside suppliers and customers, our buying and sales teams understand the products fully which both maximises returns and guarantees speed of response.


Market Intelligence

The close links we have forged with our customers allow us to provide you with an unsurpassed level of real market information – not hearsay, not rumors, but facts.

  • Our people are experts not telesales

  • We regularly exceed supplier expectations





Trust – With Parmees, your brand and sales strategy remains firmly under your control

It’s all about trust

Our experience, scale, market and delivery are unrivalled in the sector.


It’s all about partnership

We work together with our suppliers to provide them with a mutually beneficial business solution.

It’s all about delivering the best service in the sector

Parmees’s continued growth proves that supplier partners trust and value the service that we provide. We are proud of our high levels of supplier and customer satisfaction in an often unpredictable market sector.