Parmees Advantages

  • One of the most professional importing companies in Iran’s private sector

  • Establishing fast, healthy, low cost links between producers and customers

  • Evaluating and full awareness of the market and being in a great position to offer effective suggestions including quality, packaging, pricing among other thing to the producers in order to gain better share of the market

  • Enjoying great partnership with Behrouz distribution hence wining consumer’s confidence and a winning edge over the competitors

  • Constant training of the dedicated personnel, providing suitable incentive to increase their motivation in order to achieve a better performance

  • Increasing customer satisfaction by increasing quality of rendered services




Potential Advantages of Parmees




  • A private company; capable of creating new ideas

  • Long term strategic planning by some of the most professional creative people in the job market

  • Establishing and expansion of trade name and reputation of goods

  • Willingness and ability for investment